Image Processor Christie Spyder X20

The Christie Spyder X20 combines a versatile hardware-based video processor with the flexibility of a universal routing switcher, used for applications where several windows and images are to appear simultaneously. Spyder X20 provides users with unmatched 20 megapixel bandwidth and a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

24 Channel Videomixer TriCaster XD855

This 24 channel video mixer TriCaster XD855 with eight live video input sources and eight-source ISO recording provides a complete integrated solution for delivering big live productions in native full-resolution HD. Impressive effects guarantee creative productions.

HD Multichannel Slow Motion & Replay System 3Play330

The HD Multichannel Slow Motion & Replay System 3PLAY is a compact and portable solution for instant replay and variable slow motion. 3Play enables simultaneous recording and display of up to three HD/SD video sources including audio.



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