3D DLP Projector Christie Mirage 304K

30.000 Lumen 3-Chip 3D 4K

The Christie Mirage 304K delivers ideal projectors for 3D presentations requiring high color accuracy and high resolution. Key data: 30.000 lumen, native 4K (4096 x 2160) resolution and 3DLP® technology, 68kg weight.

DLP Projector Roadster HD20K-J

18,000 Lumen 3-Chip 1080 HD

The Christie Roadster HD20K-J projector is one of the latest models of the Christie 3-Chip DLP Xenon platform. The projector combines high lumen output, superior performance and sharp images with the benefits of Xenon illumination, which provides the most natural color accuracy and stability.

DLP Projector Christie D4K25

25,000 Lumen 3-Chip 4K

The Christie D4K25 projector is aimed at a market where high resolution is essential, e.g. for applications in amusement parks, museums, etc. The projector’s reliable and durable 3-Chip DLP technology offers native 4K resolution for sharp images and high brightness for homogenous and clear images. The motorized lens-mount and the option to choose between different types of lamps, provides additional flexibility.

Christie YK200 Dual Arm Yoke

The Christie YK200 is a dual arm moving head projector. The digital motor controlled yoke supports high-performance projectors of the Christie J series and permits image output of between 12,000 and 22,000 lumens to be displayed on virtually any surface. Yoke movement is controlled via DMX protocol, enabling users to control lighting and video equipment easily with the same console. Pan and tilt can be repeated with the highest degree of accuracy at the push of a button.

DLP Projector Panasonic PT-DZ570

4,000 Lumen 1-Chip WUXGA

With its extremely flexible zoom lens and lens-shift function, the DLP PT-DZ570 projector may be used for almost any application. The projector provides vivid color reproductions and high brightness.

DLP Projector Panasonic PT-DZ6710

6,000 Lumen 1-Chip WUXGA

The high brightness, 1-Chip-DLP-Projector PT-DZ6710 provides full WUXGA resolution, supporting all high-resolution image formats.

DLP Projector Panasonic PT-DZ110X

10,600 Lumen 3-Chip WUXGA


DLP Projector Panasonic PT-DZ21K

20,000 Lumen 3-Chip WUXGA




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